quarta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2012

Don't Worry, Be Happy


Tô indo pros States Diretamente Da Vila Isabel Here's A little song I wrote You might want To sing it Note for note Don't worry Be happy In every life We have some trouble But when you worry You make it double Don't worry, be happy Don't worry Be happy now Oo, ooo Lá, lá, lá (3x) Oo, ooo Lá, lá, lá (3x) Don't worry Eu falei Be happy (4x) Oo, ooo Ain't got no place To lay your head Somebody came And took your bed Don't worry Be happy The land-lord say Your rent is late He may have To litigate Don't worry Be happy Don't worry Pra não Se estressar Be happy Pra se alegrar Relax Que tudo Fica diferente Stress faz adoecer Amor rejuvenescer Sorria mais E leve a vida Simplesmente Ain't got no cash Ain't got no style Ain't got no girl To make you smile Liga não Be happy 'Cause when you worry Your face will frown And that will bring Everybody down Don't worry Deixa pra lá Be happy Oo, ooo Lá, lá, lá (3x) Olha a gentileza Olha a gentileza Oo, ooo Lá, lá, lá (3x) Simbora Don't worry Oo, ooo Lá, lá, lá (3x) Oo, ooo Lá, lá, lá (3x) Deixa pra lá Vem pra cá O que é que tem? Oo, ooo Lá, lá, lá (3x) Oo, ooo Lá, lá, lá (3x)


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